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This title [Snow make up] is named af ter [Yukigeshou] (Yuki=snow, K(g)esyou=makeup in Japanese)which is a Japanese phrase.
[Yuki geshou] means the landscape is changed to become white by falling snow and it is like the landscape got makeup by snow.
To be white is beautiful for a Japanese woman, it is highly aesthetic in Japan.
In this video I filmed melting snow on a woman’s face in slow-motion.
You can see ever y gradation of the face from a [snow make up] face to a real natural woman’s face.

芸者が白く顔を塗る風習や、色白は七難隠す、と言われるように日本人にとって「白」(い肌) は女性に対しての美学の一つと言えるだろう。 このビデオではその言葉を文字通りに捉え、雪を化粧として顔につけ実際の肌が見えるまでをスローモーションで表現したもの。

Snow make up [ Yuki Gesho ]

Video work by super8 silent, 9:40min. 2006


ビデオ スーパー8 サイレント 9:40min. 2006